Chakra Balancing & Healing

(rebalancing your energy centres)

Are you feeling out of balance? Lacking in energy? Brain Fog? Difficulty making a decision?

Feel like you are wading through treacle?

Then a simple Chakra balance will take you to a place of complete relaxation and allow your body to rebalance.

What does Chakra mean?

Chakra is from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or spinning wheel.

What is Chakra Balancing?

According to Ayurvedic medicine there are seven major chakras, energy centres of the body. These are spinning vortices of energy, each one relating to a different part of the body, and each with a corresponding colour. If you can imagine each of these centres as wheels or a cog of an engine, each running smoothly and at the same speed in order for the engine to work correctly. If these become unbalanced then the engine no longer runs well and good health and a feeling of wellbeing becomes compromised. 

£35 for 30 mins

Hi! My name is Amanda Lund-Batchelor

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I am the owner of Ananda Holistics, Nails & Beauty here in Smallfield Village on the Surrey – Sussex border.  I started my business 15 years ago from a back bedroom and now I have a lovely, bespoke salon built with your needs in mind.

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