LED Light Therapy Facial

Highly Effective from Opatra

The award winning facial delivers light therapy for a number of skin issues from Teenage acne to Anti-ageing.
The LED emits therapeutic wavelengths of light energy to energise skin cells. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and anti-antioxidants and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Different light spectrums penetrate the skin in different depths and have different effects. Various LED lights help various skin problems and imperfections. Deep cleaning and healing as the light delivers deeply into the skin and provides the perfect foundation to everyday great skin.

Suitable for all skin types, it’s benefits include –
Skin Health – plumping/lifting/brightening/radiance/hydration/repair and renewal

Skin Concerns -Acne/rosacea/skin-tone & pigmentation/soothing/anti-inflammatory It uses colour wavelengths of visible light, which have specific benefits for the skin.

£50 for 60 mins

Hi! My name is Amanda Lund-Batchelor

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I am the owner of Ananda Holistics, Nails & Beauty here in Smallfield Village on the Surrey – Sussex border.  I started my business 15 years ago from a back bedroom and now I have a lovely, bespoke salon built with your needs in mind.

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